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Operating throughout the South Island, NZ Canopies offer the following services:



Retraction of the canopies for the winter on the areas that can be affected by snowfall.


Pull Out

The expansion of the nets in the spring.

New Net


Design and construction of net systems customized to meet your needs.

Raspberry - bird net


Our team is ready to assist you with  any questions or technical issues.


Net System design and construction:

We are specialized in design and construction of canopy structures. With over 300 ha of crops covered, our team have the experience that you are looking for. We provide full service from initial concepts to final installation. The structures are build according to the necessity of each customer, providing a variety uses and benefits. Discuss your options with our experienced staff today!

  • Bird Protection
  • Wind Shelter
  • Sun Protection
  • Hail Protection
  • Frost Protection (micro-climate).
  • Reduction in the volumes of water and sprays.

Retraction and Expansion services

In some parts of the South Island snows is a reality. The canopies require a retraction prior winter and an expansion on spring.


If you are planning on DIY, we can help you to build your on structures or make improvements on the existing one.

Net Maintenance services

Why Are We The Best?

With over 11 years experience designing, constructing, retracting and maintaining net systems covering over 300 hectares of crop, Nick has the specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure you maximise your returns and minimise your risks


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